About Us


Jewels Emporio is built on the importance of pursuing our artistic passion and talent to create affordable handcrafted fine jewelry for everyday wear while being unique and maintaining high-quality craftsmanship. The success for achieving this is backed by generations of experience within our family and our eye for fine curation.  

All our collections are often inspired by nature, culture or art.  We strive to keep our design classic and elegant, small production size while showcasing our art in various handmade techniques.  Our commitment and values come alive in the work we do, in the products we manufacture, and they live on with you. All our products are made with fine quality gems, diamonds in gold or silver with an emphasis on sustainable and responsible practices.



Buying a piece of handcrafted jewelry means you are investing in the artist.  We create meaningful opportunities for our artisan partners which helps promote their well being and our creative economy.  Each handmade jewelry is always unique. Our continuous innovation in handmade techniques always ensures exclusivity that usually cannot be reproduced in mass-produced manufacturing.  Handmade production also ensures high quality detailing as our artisans manually track and controlling the end to end process until it leaves our facility.  



Being from the jewelers family in Jaipur, India since early childhood Yashika had a keen interest in gemstones and jewelry.  With an inherent inclination towards music and arts, she was always inspired by various design and forms, she then decided to pursue formal training in jewelry designing from Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry (IIGJ), Mumbai. Yashika also worked as a professional designer in international companies like Sambhav Gems and Vaibhav Gems (100% US & Europe exports units) leading her to ignite passion in starting her own handmade jewelry venture where she managed all parts of the business from sourcing to selling including designing and production.  She exhibited her work in India’s most prestigious India International Jewelry Show, IIJS in Mumbai and also participated in JA New York Summer, 2014 show under “Ankit Malpani”.  Yashika has also won different awards at national and international level in various designing competition. After moving to the United States, she started another chapter in her life under the name of Jewels Emporio. 




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